3DD313 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is 3DD313.

Manufacturers of the product is LZG.

Image and pinout :

3DD313 pdf datasheet pinout


Some of the text files within the PDF file

2SD313(3DD313) 用途:用于低频功率放大。 硅 NPN 半导体三极管/SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR Purpose: Low frequency power amplifier applications. 极限参数/Absolute maximum ratings(Ta=25℃) 参数符号 Symbol 数值 Rating 单位 Unit VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICP PC(Ta=25℃) PC(TC=25℃) Tj Tstg 60 60 5.0 3.0 8.0 1.75 30 150 -55~150 V V V A A W W ℃ ℃ 电性能参数/Electrical characteristics(Ta=25℃) 数值 参数符号 Symbol 测试条件 Test Condition Rating 单位 最大值 Max Unit 最小值 Min 典型值 Typ ICBO ICEO IEBO hFE(1) hFE(2) VCE(sat) VBE fT Cob VCB=20V VCE=60V VEB=4.0V VCE=2.0V VCE=2.0V IC=2.0A VCE=2.0V VCE=5.0V VCB=10V IE=0 RBE=∞ IC=0 IC=1.0A IC=0.1A IB=0.2A IC=1.0A IC=0.5A f=1.0MHz C:40~80 40 40 0.4 8.0 65 D:60~120 E:100~200 0.1 5.0 1.0 320 1.0 1.5 mA mA mA V V MHz pF hFE 分档/hFE Classifications: F:160~320 http://www.lzg.so 2SD313(3DD313) http://www.lzg.so Free Datashee [ … ]

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3DD313 PDF Datasheet