TPA3116 Datasheet – 50W, Stereo Amplifier with AM Avoidance

This product has 50W Filter-Free Class-D Stereo Amplifier with AM Avoidance functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is TPA3116, TPA3116D2.

Manufacturers of this Stereo Amplifier is Texas Instruments.


TPA3116 Stereo Amplifier

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

The TPA3116 is a stereo 50-W efficient, stereo digital amplifier power stage for driving 2 bridge-tied speakers or up to 100 W single parallel bridge-tied load. The TPA3116D2 can drive a speaker with an impedance as low as 3.2 Ω (4 Ω typical). The high efficiency of the TPA3116D2 allows for a small external heat sink in the 32p DAD package and can even run without a heat sink for music power.

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TPA3116 datasheet pinout


1. Supports Multiple Output Configurations2 × 50 W Into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 21 V (TPA3116D2)
2 × 30 W Into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 24 V (TPA3118D2)
2 × 15 W Into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 15 V (TPA3130D2)

2. Wide Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 26 V
3. Efficient Class-D Operation>90%
(1) Power Efficiency Combined With Low Idle Loss Greatly Reduces Heat Sink Size
(2) Advanced Modulation Schemes

4. Multiple Switching FrequenciesAM Avoidance
5. Master and Slave Synchronization
6. Up to 1.2-MHz Switching Frequency

7. Feedback Power-Stage Architecture With High PSRR Reduces PSU Requirements
8. Programmable Power Limit
9. Differential and Single-Ended Inputs
10. Stereo and Mono Mode With Single-Filter Mono Configuration
11. Single Power Supply Reduces Component Count
12. Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overtemperature, DC-Detect, and Short Circuit With Error Reporting


1. Mini-Micro Component, Speaker Bar, Docks
2. After-Market Automotive
4. Consumer Audio Applications

Please refer to the file for details. TPA3116 PDF datasheet can download.

TPA3116 PDF Datasheet