YX8018 PDF Datasheet – LED Solar Light IC

YX8018 PDF datasheet can download.

This product has LED Solar Light functions.

This is one of the Transistor types.

Manufacturers of the product is Shining IC.


YX8018 transistor

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Solar lawn lights mainly use the energy of solar cells to work. When daylight shines on a solar cell, it converts light energy into electrical energy storage. In the battery, the battery is the LED of the lawn lamp in the evening (lighting diode Tube) provides power. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, and environmental protection.

The gated oscillator in the YX8018 runs at approximately 200 KHz driving an open drain NMOS switch ( output on LX pin1 ). The circuit pulses the inductor to step up the voltage to drive the LED.

To reduce the component count the application of the YX8108 chip is rather ingenious. They use the internal ESD diode between the CE ( chip enable ) input and ground for charging the NiCd cell from the solar panel, but also use the voltage ( or lack thereof ) from the solar panel to detect when it is dark enough to turn the LED on. The CE input includes a small pull-up current (30 uA with 1.25 volts on VDD). This small current will pull pin 3 high gating on the oscillator if the solar panel is not generating more than 30 uA of current.

YX8018 Circuit

We can learn more about inductor based DC-DC Converters by building various configurations around the YX8018 chip. Some of the following circuits are from the figures in the datasheet of the YX8018, others are extensions based on conventional DC-DC converter techniques. Note that in most of these examples we leave the CE pin floating for continuous operation.

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YX8018 pinout datasheet

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YX8018 PDF Datasheet