TLC272 Datasheet – Precision Dual Operational Amplifier

This product has Precision Dual Operational Amplifier functions.

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is TLC272.

Manufacturers of this amplifier is Texas Instruments.


TLC272 OP Amp

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The TLC272 and TLC277 precision dual operational amplifiers combine a wide range of input offset  voltage grades with low offset voltage drift, high input impedance, low noise, and speeds approaching those of general-purpose BiFET devices. These devices use Texas Instruments silicongate LinCMOS technology, which provides offset voltage stability far exceeding the stability available with conventional metal-gate processes.

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TLC272 datasheet pinout


1. Trimmed Offset Voltage : TLC277 … 500 µV Max at 25°C, VDD = 5 V
2. Single-Supply Operation
3. Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Extends Below the Negative Rail (C-Suffix, I-Suffix types)
3. Low Noise …Typically 25 nV/√Hz at f = 1 kHz
4. Output Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail
5. High Input impedance . . . 1012 Ω Typ
6. ESD-Protection Circuitry
7. Small-Outline Package Option Also Available in Tape and Reel
8. Designed-In Latch-Up Immunity


These advantages, in combination with good common-mode rejection and supply voltage rejection, make these devices a good choice for new state-of-the-art designs as well as for upgrading existing designs.

Other Part Number : TLC272A, TLC272B, TLC272Y, TLC277

Please refer to the file for details. TLC272 PDF datasheet can download.

TLC272 PDF Datasheet