SNPO1R5D050T0 Datasheet – 1.5pF, SMD, Capacitor

This post describes for the capacitor SNPO1R5D050T0.

The function of this semiconductor is 1.5pF, 50V, Ceramic Capacitor.

The package is 0402 Case Size Type.

The manufacturer of this parts is Sharma.

See the preview image and the Datasheet PDF file for more information.
SNPO1R5D050T0 capacitor


SNPO1R5D050T0 is 50V, 15pF, Ceramic Capacitor. The SNPO series has a high Q, low K temperature compensating type of capacitance dielectric with stable electrical properties under varying voltage, temperature, frequency and time conditions. The series is suitable for circuits requiring low loss, circuits with pulse, timing circuits and for tuning applications. Typically used in R/F, microwave, and other communications equipment. Frequently designed in precision industrial controls, process control and test& measurement instrumentation. Because of it’s wide range of temperature stability, often used in automotive and quality audio applications.


1. Very low temperature coefficient

2. Stable electrical characteristics

3. High capacitance and miniature size

4. Low and high voltage options

5. Consistent dimensions and surface finish

6. Nickel barrier terminations

Ordering Informations

SNPO1R5D050T0 datasheet


1. Used in high frequency circuits and wireless communication applications.

2. It has low capacitance and high frequency characteristics, making it suitable for passing or filtering high frequency signals.

SNPO1R5D050T0 Datasheet

SNPO471J050T2 pdf