SF20D300HPI Datasheet – 300V, 20A, Rectifier

SF20D300HPI Panel Voltage learn more.

This product has Ultrafast Recovery Rectifier functions.

This is one of ecovery Rectifier. This part name is SF20D300HPI.

The package is To-220 Type.

Manufacturers of the product is Kodenshi, AUK.

Image :

SF20D300HPI Datasheet Rectifier


1. Low forward voltage drop and leakage current
2. Ultrafast reverse recovery time (trr<30ns)
3. Low power loss and high efficiency
4. Dual common cathode rectifier construction
5. Full lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant device


SF20D300HPI pinout


1. Switching power supply
2. Power inverters
3. Free-wheeling diode
4. Power conversion system
5. Motor drives

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Please refer to the file for details.