NXRS15XV302FA1B010 Datasheet – 3K ohm, Thermistor

This post describes for the Thermistor NXRS15XV302FA1B010.

The function of this Thermistor is 3KΩ, 7.5mW, NTC for Temperature Sensor.

The package is Radial type.

The manufacturer of this parts is Murata Manufacturing Co., Lt. (  https://www.murata.com/  )

See the preview image and the Datasheet PDF file for more information.

NXRS15XV302FA1B010 Thermistor


NXRS15XV302FA1B010 is a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor used as a temperature sensor. A thermistor is an electrical component whose resistance changes depending on temperature. NTC thermistors have the characteristic of decreasing resistance as temperature increases. NTC thermistors have the characteristic of decreasing resistance as temperature increases. It is primarily used for temperature sensing and control.


1. High accuracy and high sensibility temperature sensing is available by the high accuracy NTC Thermistor.

2. This product is compatible with 1005 (1.0mm * 0.5mm) size NTC Thermistor.

3. The variation per hour of this product is stable few.

4. This product is produced with the automation line which was consistent from a lead to packing so that the product of uniform
quality may be obtained at low cost in large quantities.

5. Since this product has strong lead intensity with original lead mounting technique, it is bent at the time of use and can perform
processing etc. freely. Moreover, taping supply can also respond.

6. UL/cULcertified product.(UL1434, File No. E137188)


Resistance (25℃) 3kΩ
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25℃) ±1%
B-Constant (25/50℃) 3936K
B-Constant (25/50℃)
Tolerance ±1%
B-Constant(25/80℃) (Reference Value) 3971K
B-Constant(25/85℃) (Reference Value) 3977K
B-Constant(25/100℃) (Reference Value) 3989K
Maximum Operating Current (25℃) 0.17mA
Rated Electric Power (25℃) 7.5mW
Typical Dissipation Constant (25℃) 1.5mW/℃
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to 125℃
Thermal Time Constant 4s
Lead Shape Lead Wire type


1. Automotive powertrain/safety equipment

NXRS15XV302FA1B010 Datasheet