LTK8002D PDF – Class-AB Audio Amplifier

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is LTK8002D.

This product has Class-AB Audio Amplifier functions.

Manufacturers of product is LTKCHIP TECHNOLOGY.

Image and pinout :

LTK8002D datasheet pinout



LTK8002D PDF Datasheet

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LTK8002D is a 3W, mono Class AB audio power put Big chip. Operating voltage 2V-5V, connected via BTL bridge, at 5V Power supply voltage can be given to 4Ω load THD less than 10% on average For the 3.0W output power. In shutdown mode, the current is typically less than 0.5uA.

The LTK8002D is designed to provide high power, high fidelity audio output Door design, it only requires a small amount of external components, and can work For low voltage conditions (2V-5V). LTK8002D does not require coupling Capacitor, bootstrap capacitor or buffer network, it is very suitable for small sound The amount of low power consumption system.


1. Built-in switch blasting sound suppression circuit
2. 10% THD + N, VDD = 5V, 4Ω load provided Up to 2.9W of output power
3. 10% THD + N, VDD = 5V, 8Ω load, provided Up to 1.8W of output power
4. Shutdown current <0.5uA
5. Package mode: SOP-8
6. Overheat protection

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