LD3141 Datasheet Pinout – Akai, SIP 9 Pin

This post describes for the semiconductor LD3141.

The function of this semiconductor is amplifier.

The package is SIP 9 Pin type.

The manufacturer of this parts is Akai, Sanyo.

See the preview image and the  Datasheet PDF file for more information.

LD3141 datasheet pdf


It is a very simple chip, basically comprising a two-transistor amplifier. In Akai’s application it is powered by a single 24V supply.

This IC requires no input bias, and it’s output is biased internally. It also has a reputation for being noisy. However, as you will see elsewhere in this document, that reputation may be unfounded. There are at least two versions of the LD3141, differentiated by their sub-code, 10 or 20.

(in the 1730D-SS 20’s are used on the P.B. Amp boards, 10’s on the Rec.).

Logic Diagrams

LD3141 pinout


There have been a number of replacements using discrete components as the IC is just a two transistor amplifier. This alternative uses a TL072 dual op-amp IC to replace two of the original ICs in the replay or record amplifiers. It requires no modification to the tape deck PCB.


Reference Website: Another alternative for Sanyo LD3141 – UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Discussion Forum (vintage-radio.net)

LD3141 Datasheet