K30A – 2SK30A – N-ch Junction FET

This is one of the semiconductor types. This part name is K30A.

This product has 2SK30A functions.

Manufacturers of product is Xiaosheng.

Image and pinout :

K30A datasheet pinout

K30A PDF Datasheet

Some of the text files within the PDF file

Silicon Junction FETs XIAOSHENG Symbol: Drain LH03 Series of Products interconvert: 2SK30A Gate Source Silicon N-Chinnel Junction FET „ Application: For charge sensor, meter amplifier circuit, rheostat , chopper and gain controller for AGC ,electronic switch. Package example: „ Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25℃) Parameter Gate to Drain voltage Gate to Source voltage Gate current Allowable power dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VGDO VGSO IG PD Tj Tstg Ratings -50 -50 10 250 125 -55 to +125 Unit V V mA mW ℃ ℃ * Package SC-59 SOT-23 TO-92S TO-92 TO-18 D S G 3 1 2 „ Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25℃) Prameter Symbol Drain to Source cut-off current Gate to Source leakage current Gate to Drain voltage Gate to Source cut-off voltage Forward transfer admittamce Input capacitance (Common Source) Reverse transfer capacitance (Common Source) Conditions VDS = 10V, VGS = 0V VGS= -30V, VDS = 0V IG = -100μA,VDS = 0V VDS = [ … ]

Please refer to the file for details.