The ZTP-315 is Thermometrics Thermopile IR Sensor made by General Electric.
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GE Measurement Control ZTP 315 Thermometrics Thermopile IR Sensor The ZTP 315 thermopile IR sensor is used for noncontact surface temperature monitoring The ZTP315 model consists of thermoelements a flat IR filter a thermistor for temperature compensation and a hermetically sealed small size package There is also a variety of filters available to maximize performance in specific applications Applications HVAC Occupancy detection Automotive Features Non contact measurement Wider surface area measurement Small size sensor package Included ambient temperature thermistor sensor for compensation High sensitivity Fast response time Low cost Thermopile Chip Parameter Chip Size Diaphragm Size Active Area Internal Resistance Resistance T C Responsivity Responsivity T C Noise Voltage NEP Detectivity Time Constant Min 35 22 Limits Typ 3 6 x 3 6 2 6 x 2 6 1 3 x 1 3 50 32 0 11 30 0 94 1 38 E08 25 Max 65 0 12 42 Units Condition mm2 mm2 mm2 k C V W C nV rms nW Hz1 2 cmHz1 2 W ms 25 C 500K 1Hz R M S 25 C 500K 1 Hz 500K 1 Hz Thermistor Parameter Min Resistance 29 7 Beta Value 3773 Limits Typ Max 30 30 3 3811 3849 Units Condition k Tol 1 25 C K Tol 1 Defined at 2

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Manufacturers : General Electric

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Thermometrics Thermopile IR Sensor

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