The VS23S010C-S is 1 Megabit SPI SRAM made by VLSI.
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VS23S010C S Datasheet PRELIMINARY VS23S010C S 1 Megabit SPI SRAM with Dual I O and Quad I O Features Flexible 1 5V 3 6V operating voltage 131 072 x 8 bit SRAM organization Serial Peripheral Interface SPI mode 0 compatible Byte Page and Sequential modes Supports Single Dual and Quad I O read and write Fast operation the whole memory can be lled in 262158 or read in 262159 cycles Quad I O SPI Quad address mode XCS SO IO1 XWP IO2 GND 1 2 3 4 8 VCC 7 XHOLD IO3 6 SCLK 5 SI IO1 Figure 1 SOIC8 narrow package compatible with standard pin out not to scale Operating Modes XHOLD and XWP pins High operating frequencies Up to 36 MHz for SPI Active Low power Read current 200 A at 1 MHz Single I O SO 0 TA 85 C VDD 3 3V Industrial temperature range 40 C to 85 C Pb Free and RoHS compliant 1 048 576 bit 128K x 8 SRAM Array Description The VLSI Solution VS23S010C S is an easyto use and versatile serial SRAM device The memory is accessed via an SPI compatible serial bus Applications Microcontroller RAM extension VoIP and internet data stream buffer Audio data buffer SPI Serial Interface Figure 2 VS23S010C S blocks In SPI mode SRAM and control registers can be

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Manufacturers: VLSI

VLSI - VS23S010C-S Datasheet PDF


1 Megabit SPI SRAM

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