The UMUR820 is SWITCHMODE POWER RECTIFIERS made by Unisonic Technologies.
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UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD UMUR820 Preliminary SWITCHMODE POWER RECTIFIERS DESCRIPTION The UTC UMUR820 is a switchmode power rectifiers it uses UTC s advanced technology to provide customers with low forward voltage and low leakage current etc The UTC UMUR820 is suitable for free inverters and switching power supplies etc FEATURES Low forward voltage Low leakage current SYMBOL DIODE ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering Number Lead Free Halogen Free UMUR820L TA2 T UMUR820G TA2 T Note Pin Assignment A Anode K Cathode Package TO 220 2 Pin Assignment 123 K A NC UMUR820L TA2 T 1 Packing Type 2 Package Type 3 Halogen Free 1 T Tube 2 TA2 TO 220 2 3 L Lead Free G Halogen Free Packing Tube www unisonic com tw Copyright 2013 Unisonic Technologies Co Ltd 1 of 3 QW R601 105 a UMUR820 Preliminary DIODE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT DC Blocking Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage VR VRWM 200 200 V V Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Forward Current Per Total Device Rated VR TC 150 C VRRM IF AV 200 8 0 V A Peak Repetitive Forward Current Rated VR Square Wave 20kHz TC 150 C IFM 16 A Non Repetitive Peak Surge Current Surge Applied

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Manufacturers: Unisonic Technologies

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