The TVS3V3L4U is TVS Diodes made by Infineon.
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TVS Diodes Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes TVS3V3L4U Low Capacitance ESD Transient Surge Protection Array TVS3V3L4U Data Sheet Revision 2 4 2013 02 06 Final Power Management Multimarket Edition 2013 02 06 Published by Infineon Technologies AG 81726 Munich Germany 2013 Infineon Technologies AG All Rights Reserved Legal Disclaimer The information given in this document shall in no event be regarded as a guarantee of conditions or characteristics With respect to any examples or hints given herein any typical values stated herein and or any information regarding the application of the device Infineon Technologies hereby disclaims any and all warranties and liabilities of any kind including without limitation warranties of non infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party Information For further information on technology delivery terms and conditions and prices please contact the nearest Infineon Technologies Office www infineon com Warnings Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances For information on the types in question please contact the nearest Infineon Technologies Office Infineon Technologies components may be used in life support devices or systems only with the express writte

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The voltage at which the diode begins to conduct is known as the "forward threshold voltage," and is typically around 0.7 volts for a standard silicon diode. They are also used as protective devices in electronic circuits, to protect sensitive components from overvoltage or reverse voltage.

Manufacturers: Infineon



TVS Diodes

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