The TDA8179FS is TV VERTICAL DEFLECTION BOOSTER made by STMicroelectronics.
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TDA8179FS TV VERTICAL DEFLECTION BOOSTER POWER AMPLIFIER FLYBACK SUPPLY VOLTAGE SEPARATED THERMAL PROTECTION DESCRIPTION Designed for monitors and high performance TVs the TDA8179FS vertical deflection booster is able to work with a flyback voltage more than the double of VS The TDA8179FS operates with supplies up to 42V flyback output up to 92V and provides up to 2App output current to drive to yoke The TDA8179FS is offered in HEPTAWATT package PIN CONNECTIONS 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Tab connected to pin 4 May 1993 HEPTAWATT Plastic Package ORDER CODE TDA8179FS Non inverting Input Output Stage Supply Output GND Flyback Supply Voltage Supply Voltage Inverting Input 1 6 8179F 01 EPS TDA8179FS BLOCK DIAGRAM 1 7 26 3 VS V FLYBACK POWER AMPLIFIER 5 THERMAL PROTECTION 4 YO KE 8179F 02 EPS APPLICATION CIRCUIT IN VREF 1 7 26 VS 3 VF TDA8179FS 4 OUT 5 YOKE Note For values see Easy Design of Vertical Deflection Stages software available from our sales

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Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

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