The TA7267BP is Full-Bridge Driver made by Toshiba.
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TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA7267BP Full Bridge Driver H Swithch for DC Motor Driver for Switching between Forward and Reverse Rotation TA7267BP The TA7267BP is a Bridge Driver for brushed DC Motor Rotation control Forward Rotation Reverse Rotation Stop and Braking operations are available It s designed for Loading and Reel Motor driver for VCR and Tape Deck and any other consumer and industrial applications TA7267BP have Operation Supply Voltage terminal and Motor Driving Supply Voltage terminal independently therefore Servo control operation is applicable Features Weight 2 15 g typ z Output current up to 1 0 A AVE and 3 0 A PEAK z Four different modes forward rotation reverse rotation stop and brake are supported z Built in overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown circuit z Operating voltage range VCC opr 6 to 18 V VS opr 0 to 18 V z No malfunction occurs even if VCC is higher than VS or Vice versa The TA7267BP is Sn plated product including Pb The following conditions apply to solderability Solderability 1 Use of Sn 37Pb solder bath solder bath temperature 230 C dipping time 5 seconds number of times once use of R type flux 2 Use of Sn 3 0Ag 0 5Cu solder ba

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Manufacturers : Toshiba

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Full-Bridge Driver

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