The SSL5101T is GreenChip controller made by NXP Semiconductors.
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SSL5101T GreenChip controller for LED lighting Rev 1 4 June 2014 Objective data sheet 1 General description The SSL5101T is an offline controller IC intended to drive LEDs in general lighting applications The main benefits of this IC include Selectable modes for high power factor or low ripple allowing a wide LED power range Single stage topology for small PCB footprint Ease of design in Integrated start up JFET Low electronic Bill Of Material BOM Various converter topologies supported The IC drives an external switch for easy power scaling It has been designed to start up directly from the High Voltage HV supply by an internal high voltage current source Flyback buck and buck boost circuit topologies are supported Primary side sensing provides accurate output current control The IC can operate in three switching modes at two switching frequency ranges It offers tradeoffs between the output current ripple the mains current Total Harmonic Distortion THD and the application size The IC incorporates all required protection features http www NXP Semiconductors SSL5101T GreenChip controller for LED lighting 2 Features and benefits LED controller IC for driving strings of LEDs or high v

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Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors

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