The SP7614A is 2-4 Channel Low Dropout Linear LED Driver made by Sipex Corporation.
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www Solved by SP7611A SP7612A SP7614A TM 2 4 Channel Low Dropout Linear LED Driver FEATURES LED Drivers for parallel connected LEDs No EMI no switching noise Integrated current matching PWM and Analog brightness control Enable Shutdown control Shutdown current 0 01 A Tiny RoHS Compliant Lead Free Packages SC 70 2x2 TDFN Part SP7611A SP7612A SP7614A Channels 4 3 2 Maximum Steady State Current per LED 40mA 40mA 80mA N C VLED1 CTRL 3 21 SP7614A 6 Pin SC70 4 GND 5 VLED2 6 ON OFF Pin outs for SP7611A and SP7612A on page 3 APPLICATIONS Ultra low cost Handsets PDA DSC MP3 players Handheld Computers LCD Display Modules Keyboard Backlight LCD Backlight DESCRIPTION The SP761X driver family provides a simple solution for a matched current source for any color LED The current in the LEDs can be programmed by an external resistor The SP7611A is capable of driving four LEDs while the SP7612A can drive three LEDs The SP7614A is designed to drive two high current LEDs LED1 should always be connected to an LED and never left open in order to have the other LEDs driven with a matched current to LED1 The SP7612A and SP7614A feature Enable pins for flexible on off control and PWM dimming SP7612A 4A has extremely low 0 01uA typical

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One of the primary functions of an LED driver is to ensure that the LEDs receive a constant current, which is necessary for maintaining consistent brightness and color temperature. To achieve this, many LED drivers use pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control the current flowing to the LEDs, allowing for precise regulation and dimming.

Manufacturers : Sipex Corporation

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2-4 Channel Low Dropout Linear LED Driver

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