The SP7122 is (SP7120 / SP7122) 2 or 3 Channel Low Dropout High Side Linear LED Driver made by Sipex.
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www SP7120 22 2 or 3 Channel Low Dropout High Side Linear LED Driver FEATURES LED Driver for common cathode parallel connected LEDs Ultra Low Dropout Voltage of 150mV No EMI no switching noise Integrated current matching PWM and Analog brightness control Enable Shutdown control Shutdown current 1 A Lead Free RoHS Compliant Package Small footprint SOT23 6 APPLICATIONS Mobile Phones PDA DSC MP3 players Handheld Computers Keypads and display backlight GENERAL DESCRIPTION The SP712X driver s family provides a simple solution for a matched current source for any color common cathode LED configuration The common cathode connection allows the user to increase the LED power dissipation by having the cathodes heat sinked to the ground plane of the circuit board The SP7120 may drive two LEDs or one LED at twice the current with two channels connected in parallel The SP7122 can drive three LEDs or one LED at three times the current The factory preset current values are 15mA version A 20mA version B or 25mA version C per channel In shutdown mode EN pin is LOW the supply current drops to 40nA typical The SP712x drivers are available in a small footprint 6 pin SOT23 6 package APP

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The basic OR gate circuit consists of two or more input terminals and a single output terminal. Each input signal is connected to a diode, and the diodes are connected in parallel to the output terminal. The output terminal is connected to a resistor and to the positive supply voltage, and a second resistor is connected between the output terminal and ground. When any of the input signals is high, current flows through the corresponding diode and into the output terminal, pulling the output voltage high. If all of the input signals are low, no current flows through the diodes and the output voltage remains low.

Manufacturers : Sipex

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(SP7120 / SP7122) 2 or 3 Channel Low Dropout High Side Linear LED Driver

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