The SP6659EB is Evaluation Board Manual made by Sipex Corporation.
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www SP6659EB Evaluation Board Manual Synchronous Buck regulator with up to 94 efficiency 1 5MHz Constant frequency operation 600mA Output Current 2 5V 5 5V Input Voltage range 0 6V reference allow low output voltage No Schottky diode required Current mode operation Over temperature protected Low profile SOT23 5 Package Ceramic Capacitors for small low profile Power Supply Ideal for PDAs Digital Cameras Wireless Modems Cellular Telephones DESCRIPTION The SP6659 Evaluation Board is designed to help the user evaluate the performance of the SP6659 for use as a single Li Ion battery Step Down DC DC Converter The SP6659 operates from 2 5V to 5 5V input with the highest efficiency in the range 3 0V to 4 2V where the Li Ion battery has the most energy The SP6659EB evaluation board is a complete power supply circuit to provide ease of evaluation for the DC DC Converter performance FIGURE 1 SP6659 1 8V OUTPUT EVALUATION BOARD SCHEMATIC U1 Vin 2 5 5 5V 1 2 3 SP6659 SW 3 4 1 2 L1 2 2 uH CF 100pF Vout 1 8V VIN RUN CIN 4 7uF J1 VFB GND 5 R1 200K COUT 10uF VFB 0 6V R2 100K Rev 08 29 05 SP6659 Evaluation Board Manual Copyright Sipex Corporation USING THE EVALUATION BOARD 1 Powering up the SP6659 Circuit The SP6659 Evaluation Bo

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Manufacturers : Sipex Corporation

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