The SP6415 is Integrated White LED Driver made by Sipex Corporation.
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www Solved by SP6415 TM Integrated White LED Driver With Organic LED Display Power Supply Integrated OLED and White LED Driver 0 8 7 Wide Input Voltage Range 2 7V to 5 5V Adjustable output voltage up to 20V Complete Protection OVP OTP UVP SP6415 PWM Dimming Control Small External Components 2 3 4 Cycle By Cycle Current Limit Lead Free RoHS Compliant Applications Packaging 10Pin DFN Hand held Devices Digital Cameras Flip phones Clam shell Cellular Phones High fashion cellular phones DFN 10 3mmx3mmx0 85mm Top View 6 5 White LED Back Lighting DESCRIPTION The SP6415 is a dual Boost DC DC converter designed to drive up to 4 white LEDs with a constant current and to power an organic LED display with a constant voltage According to the SEL pin status the SP6415 either regulates output current flowing through series connected LEDs or regulates output voltage applying to the OLED A single external resistor is used to set the maximum LED current The LED current can be adjusted by applying a PWM signal to the EN pin Pulling the EN pin to GND disables the chip and reduces the supply current to less than 1uA Additional features include a low side NFET switch that can turn

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One of the primary functions of an LED driver is to ensure that the LEDs receive a constant current, which is necessary for maintaining consistent brightness and color temperature. To achieve this, many LED drivers use pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control the current flowing to the LEDs, allowing for precise regulation and dimming.

Manufacturers : Sipex Corporation

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Integrated White LED Driver

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