The SP3226E is Transceivers made by Sipex Corporation.
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Solved by www SP3224E SP3227E TM 3 0V to 5 5V RS 232 Transceivers with Auto On Line Plus FEATURES 15kV ESD protected RS 232 I O pins Auto On line Plus automatic power saving mode Meets true EIA TIA 232 F standards from 3 0V to 5 5V power supply Adheres to EIA TIA 562 for interoperability with EIA TIA 232 down to a 2 7V supply voltage Regulated charge pump yields stable RS 232 outputs Drop in replacement to MAX3224 ICL3224 MAX3225 ICL3225 MAX3226 ICL3226 MAX3227 and ICL3227 SP3224E and SP3225E reduced EMI with a slew rate controlled 250kbps data rate SP3226E and SP3227E high speed data rate of 1 Mbps Available in RoHS compliant Lead Free Packaging READY 1 C1 2 V 3 20 SHUTDOWN 19 VCC 18 GND Solved by 4 C2 5 C2 6 SP3224E SP3225E V 7 C1 17 T1OUT 16 R1IN 15 R1OUT 14 ONLINE 13 T1IN 12 T2IN 11 STATUS TM 8 9 R2OUT 10 T2OUT R2IN All devices feature 3 0V to 5 5V power supply 4 small charge pump capacitors and 15kV ESD protection Device SP3224E SP3225E SP3226E SP3227E Data Rate bps 250k 1M 250k 1M No of Drivers Receivers 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 READY pin Yes Yes Yes Yes Low Power Shutdown Auto On Line Plus Auto On Line Plus Auto On Line Plus Auto On Line Plus TYPICAL APPLICATIONS

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Manufacturers : Sipex Corporation

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