The SFF10N60 is Silicon N-Channel MOSFET made by WinSemi.
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Features 10A 600V RDS on Max0 75 VGS 10V Ultra low Gate Charge 34nC Fast Switching Capability 100 Avalanche Tested Improved dv dt capability SFF10N60 Silicon N Channel MOSFET General Description This Power MOSFET is produced using Winsemi s advanced planar stripe DMOS technology This latest technology has been especially designed to minimize on state resistance have a high rugged avalanche characteristics This devices is specially well suited for high efficiency switch model power supplies power factor correction UPS and a electronic lamp ballast base on half bridge Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Parameter VDSS ID Drain Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current Tc 25 Continuous Drain Current Tc 100 IDM Drain Current Pulsed VGS Gate to Source Voltage EAS Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy EAR Repetitive Avalanche Energy dv dt Peak Diode Recovery dv dt Total Power Dissipation Tc 25 PD Derating Factor above25 TJ Tstg Junction and Storage Temperature TL Channel Temperature Drain current limited by maximum junction temperature Thermal Characteristics Symbol Parameter RQJC RQJA Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Note1 Note2 Note1 Note3 Value

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When a positive voltage is applied to the gate terminal, it attracts electrons to the channel, creating an inversion layer and allowing current to flow between the source and drain terminals. N-channel MOSFETs are widely used in a variety of electronic applications due to their high input impedance, fast switching speeds, and low power consumption. They are commonly used as switches, amplifiers, and voltage regulators.

Manufacturers: WinSemi

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Silicon N-Channel MOSFET

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