The SDR967CTP is Ultra Fast Recovery Centertap Rectifier made by SSDI.
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www Solid State Devices Inc 14830 Valley View Blvd La Mirada CA 90638 Phone 562 404 7855 Fax 562 404 1773 ssdi ssdi power com www ssdi power com SDR966CTN SDR966CTP thru SDR969CTN SDR969CTP 60 AMP 600 900 Volts 80 nsec Ultra Fast Recovery Centertap Rectifier TO 258 N TO 259 P DESIGNER S DATA SHEET Features Soft Recovery Diode Ultra Fast Recovery 80 nsec Maximum Faster Recovery Versions Available High Surge Rating Low Reverse Leakage Current Low Junction Capacitance Hermetically Sealed Package Gold Eutectic Die Attach Available Ultrasonic Aluminum Wire Bond Ceramic Seals for Improved Hermeticity Available Common Anode and Doubler Versions Available TX TXV Space Level Screening Available Consult Factory Maximum Ratings Peak Repetitive Reverse and DC Blocking Voltage SDR966CTN SDR966CTP SDR967CTN SDR967CTP SDR968CTN SDR968CTP SDR969CTN SDR969CTP Symbol VRRM VRWM VR Io Value 600 700 800 900 60 Units Volts Average Rectified Forward Current Resistive Load 60 Hz Sine Wave TA 25 C 1 Peak Surge Current Per Leg 8 3 ms Pulse Half Sine Wave Superimposed on Io Allow Junction to Reach Equilibrium Between Pulses TA 25 C Operating Storage Temper

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Conventional rectifiers, such as standard diodes, have a relatively slow reverse recovery time, which can lead to significant power losses and reduced efficiency in high-frequency applications. In contrast, fast rectifiers are optimized for high-speed operation and can handle rapid changes in current and voltage with minimal losses. They are available in various package types and current ratings to suit different requirements, and can be made from various semiconductor materials, such as silicon or gallium arsenide.

Manufacturers : SSDI

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Ultra Fast Recovery Centertap Rectifier

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