The RS2201 is Switching Power Supply Controller made by Orister.
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Page No 1 1 RS2201 Switching Power Supply Controller Description RS2201 produced by advanced integrated circuit process is a switch power supply controller which could offer over load and saturation protection and achieve green economize on energy and environmental protection standard RS2201 could achieve AC DC conversion and can be widely applied to economical switching power supply equipment For instance Charger DVD Induction cooker STB Printer LCD and so on Features Over load and saturation protection could protect over load switch transformer saturation and output short circuit or the relative failures It is economical that triode is used for switch device which could start up the circuit with its amplification function and reduce ten times of power consumption of the start up resistance Built in Synchronized Slope Compensation circuit thermal protection circuit slope current drive circuit Zero load output power consumption could be less than 0 3W is less than 0 2W while 220V AC input Pin to Pin THX201 Pb Free DIP 8 and SOP 8 Package Applications Switching AC DC Adaptor Battery Charger Open Frame Switching Power Supply Standby Power Supplies Set Top Box Power Supplies 384X Replacement Pin Configurations Name Description CT

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Switching regulators are typically more efficient than linear regulators, as they can handle larger voltage changes with less power loss. They are also more compact and lighter, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices. Additionally, switching regulators are capable of regulating a wider range of voltage levels and can handle higher current loads.

Manufacturers : Orister

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Switching Power Supply Controller

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