The RPG100 is Physical Random number generator made by FDK.
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HM RAE106 1105 Physical Random number generator RPG100 RPG100F dat a sheet REV 08 http www fdk co jp http www HM RAE106 1105 Contents 1 Ou tline 2 Functions 3 Specifica tions 3 1 Absolute maximum ra tings 3 2 Recommend ed operation conditions 3 3 DC character istics 3 4 ACcharacter istics 3 5 Random numbers spec ifica tions 3 6 Packa ge specifications 3 7 Pinlayout 4 T erminal function explanation 5 Ou tput data explanation 5 1 Parallel rand om numbers 5 2 Action state data 5 3 Statistical t est st ate data 5 4 Statistical tes t data 6 Block diagram 7 Timing chart 7 1 Serial ra ndom bits output 7 2 Parallel rand om numbers output 7 3 Statistical tes t of randomness 7 4 Statistical tes t data output 7 5 Ou tput enable disable time 8 References 1 The contents of this document are subject to change without prior notice as a result of product improve ment or discontinuation of production Therefore please be sure to check with our sales represe ntatives about the contents before your order ing 2 Product specifications described in this document are for reference only Upon the actual use please obtain specification sheets separately to check the contents 3 When intending to use our products in the e quipments

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Manufacturers : FDK

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Physical Random number generator

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