The PIC18CXX8 is High-Performance Microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology.
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PIC18CXX8 High Performance Microcontrollers with CAN Module High Performance RISC CPU C compiler optimized architecture instruction set Linear program memory addressing to 32 Kbytes Linear data memory addressing to 4 Kbytes Program Memory On Chip Device EPROM bytes Off Chip On Chip RAM bytes Advanced Analog Features 10 bit Analog to Digital Converter module A D with Fast sampling rate Conversion available during SLEEP DNL 1 LSb INL 1 LSb Up to 16 channels available Analog Comparator Module 2 Comparators Programmable input and output multiplexing Comparator Voltage Reference Module Programmable Low Voltage Detection LVD module Supports interrupt on low voltage detection Programmable Brown out Reset BOR Single Maximum Word Addressing Instructions bytes PIC18C658 PIC18C858 32 K 32 K 16384 16384 N A N A 1536 1536 Up to 10 MIPS operation DC 40 MHz clock input 4 MHz 10 MHz osc clock input with PLL active 16 bit wide instructions 8 bit wide data path Priority levels for interrupts 8 x 8 Single Cycle Hardware Multiplier CAN BUS Module Features Message bit rates up to 1 Mbps Conforms to CAN 2 0B ACTIVE Spec with 29 bit Identifier Fields 8 byte mess

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Manufacturers: Microchip Technology



High-Performance Microcontrollers

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