The P2N04L03 is SPB160N04S2L-03 made by Infineon.
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SPB160N04S2L 03 OptiMOS Power Transistor Feature N Channel Product Summary VDS RDS on max SMD version ID 40 2 7 160 P TO263 7 3 V m A Enhancement mode Logic Level High Current Rating Low On Resistance RDS on 175 C operating temperature Avalanche rated d v dt rated Type Package SPB160N04S2L 03 P TO263 7 3 Ordering Code Q67060 S6138 Marking P2N04L03 Maximum Ratings at Tj 25 C unless otherwise specified Parameter Continuous drain current1 TC 25 C TC 100 C Symbol ID Value 160 160 Unit A Pulsed drain current TC 25 C ID puls EAS EAR dv dt VGS Ptot T j Tstg 640 810 30 6 20 300 55 175 55 175 56 kV s V W C mJ Avalanche energy single pulse ID 80A V DD 25V RGS 25 Repetitive avalanche energy limited by Tjmax 2 Reverse diode dv dt IS 160A VDS 32V di dt 200A s Tjmax 175 C Gate source voltage Power dissipation TC 25 C Operating and storage temperature IEC climatic category DIN IEC 68 1 Page 1 2003 05 22 http www SPB160N04S2L 03 Thermal Characteristics Parameter Characteristics Thermal resistance junction case Thermal resistance junction ambient leaded SMD version device on PCB min footprint 6 cm2 cooling area 3 Symbol min RthJC RthJA RthJ

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Manufacturers : Infineon

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