The OV3640 is CMOS QXGA (3.2 Megapixel) CameraChip sensor made by Ommivision.
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OV3640 datasheet 1 4 CMOS QXGA 3 2 Megapixel CameraChip sensor with OmniPixel3 technology For OVCTo nUfiSdAenOtinlaly 00Copyright 2007 OmniVision Technologies Inc All rights reserved This document is provided as is with no warranties whatsoever including any warranty of merchantability non infringement fitness for any particular purpose or any warranty otherwise arising out of any proposal specification or sample OmniVision Technologies Inc and all its affiliates disclaim all liability including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights relating to the use of information in this document No license expressed or implied by estoppel or otherwise to any intellectual property rights is granted herein The information contained in this document is considered proprietary to OmniVision Technologies Inc and all its affiliates This information may be distributed to individuals or organizations authorized by OmniVision Technologies Inc to receive said information Individuals and or organizations are not allowed to re distribute said information Trademark Information OmniVision and the OmniVision logo are registered trademarks of OmniVision Technologies Inc OmniPixel3 and CameraChip are trademarks of OmniVision

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Manufacturers : Ommivision

OMMIVISION - OV3640 Datasheet PDF


CMOS QXGA (3.2 Megapixel) CameraChip sensor

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