The MP2493 is Low EMI Step-Down Converter made by MPS.
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The Future of Analog IC Technology MP2493 2A 36V Low EMI Step Down Converter with Programmable Output Current Limit DESCRIPTION The MP2493 is a monolithic step down switch mode converter with a programmable output current limit It achieves 2A continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation The maximum output current can be programmed by sensing current through the inductor DC resistance DCR or an accurate sense resistor Fault condition protection includes cycle by cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown The MP2493 requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components The MP2493 is available in 8 pin SOIC and 8pin SOICE packages FEATURES Wide 4 5V to 36V Operating Input Range Programmable up to 2A Output Current Output Adjustable from 0 8V to 15V Programmable Output Current Limit without power loss 0 25 Internal Power MOSFET Switch Stable with Low ESR Output Ceramic Capacitors Up to 95 Efficiency Fixed 130kHz Frequency with low EMI Thermal Shutdown Cycle by Cycle Over Current Protection Available in 8 Pin SOIC and 8 pin SOIC8E Packages APPLICATIONS USB Power Supplies Automotive Cigarette Lighter Adapters Power Supp

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Here are several types of ADCs, including: Successive approximation ADCs - these are the most common type of ADC and use a binary search algorithm to determine the digital value of the input signal. Flash ADCs - these are the fastest type of ADC, but also the most expensive, as they use a large number of comparators to simultaneously convert the input signal. Delta-sigma ADCs - these are high-resolution ADCs that use oversampling and noise-shaping techniques to achieve high accuracy.

Manufacturers : MPS

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Low EMI Step-Down Converter

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