The MGA-43828 is Linear Power Amplifier Module made by AVAGO.
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MGA 43828 925 960 MHz Linear Power Amplifier Module Data Sheet Description The Avago MGA 43828 is a fully matched highly linear power amplifier PA designed for use in the 925 960 MHz band Based on Avago s proprietary 0 25um GaAs EpHEMT technology the device features high linearity gain and power added efficiency PAE with integrated power detector and shutdown functions The MGA 43828 is ideal for use as a final stage PA for Small Cell base transceiver station BTS applications Features High linearity performance Max 50dBc ACLR1 1 at 27 dBm linear output power biased with 5 0V supply High gain 33 dB Good efficiency Fully matched Built in detector GaAs E pHEMT Technology 2 Low cost small package size 5 0 x 5 0 x 0 9 mm MSL3 Lead free Halogen free RoHS compliance Component Image 5 0 x 5 0 x 0 9 mm Package Outline Specifications AVAGO 43828 YYWW XXXX TOP VIEW Notes Package marking provides orientation and identification 43828 Device part number YYWW Year and work week XXXX Assembly lot number 940MHz 5 0V Idqtotal 316mA typ W CDMA Test model 1 64DPCH downlink signal PAE 14 7 27 dBm linear Pout ACLR1 50dBc 1 33 dB Gain Detecto

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Q: What is a voltage amplifier, and how does it work?
A: A voltage amplifier is an electronic circuit that increases the amplitude of an input voltage signal. It does this by using active or passive components to amplify the input signal, making it stronger and increasing its voltage level. The output voltage of the amplifier is proportional to the input voltage, and the amplification factor is determined by the circuit design.

Q: What are the types of voltage amplifiers?
A: There are many types of voltage amplifiers, including operational amplifiers (op-amps), transistor amplifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers, and integrated circuit (IC) amplifiers. Each type of amplifier has its unique design and application.

Q: What is the gain of a voltage amplifier?
A: The gain of a voltage amplifier is the ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage. It is typically expressed in decibels (dB) or as a numeric ratio.

Q: What is the frequency response of a voltage amplifier?
A: The frequency response of a voltage amplifier is the range of frequencies that the amplifier can amplify without significant distortion or attenuation. It is determined by the circuit design and the characteristics of the active and passive components used.

Manufacturers : AVAGO

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Linear Power Amplifier Module

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