The MC9S12XDG128 is 16-BIT MICROPROCESSOR FAMILY made by Freescale Semiconductor.
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www Freescale Semiconductor Product Brief 9S12XDFAMPP Rev 2 14 7 Nov 2005 MC9S12XD Family 16 bit Microprocessor Family covers MC9S12XD64 through MC9S12XDP512 and MC3S12XDT256 MC3S12XDG128 Introduction Targeted at automotive multiplexing applications the MC9S12XD Family will deliver 32 bit performance with all the advantages and efficiencies of a 16 bit MCU The S12X is designed to retain the low cost low power consumption excellent EMC performance and code size efficiency advantages enjoyed by users of Freescale s previous 16 bit MC9S12 MCU family Based around an enhanced S12 core the MC9S12XD Family will deliver two to five times the performance of a 25 MHz S12 whilst retaining a high degree of pin and code compatibility with the original S12D family The MC9S12XD Family features the performance boosting XGATE co processor The XGATE which is programmable in C language has an instruction set which is optimized for data movement logic and bit manipulation instructions It runs at twice the bus frequency of the S12X and off loads the CPU by providing high speed data transfer and data processing between any peripheral module RAM and I O ports This is particularly useful in applications such as automotive gateways where there

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Manufacturers : Freescale Semiconductor

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