The MC68SEC000 is Addendum to M68000 User Manual made by Motorola Semiconductors.
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www Order this document by M68000UMAD AD Communications and Advanced Consumer Technologies Group M68000 Addendum to M68000 User Manual August 7 1997 This addendum to the M68000UM AD User s Manual Revision 8 provides corrections to the original text as well as additional information This document and other information on this product is maintained on the World Wide Web at http www motorola com 68000 OVERVIEW This manual includes hardware details and programming information for the MC68HC000 the MC68HC001 the MC68EC000 and the MC68SEC000 For ease of reading the name M68000 MPUs will be used when referring to all processors Refer to M68000PM AD M68000 Programmer s Reference Manual for detailed information on the MC68000 instruction set The four microprocessors are very similar to each other and all contain the following features Sixteen 32 Bit Data and Address Registers 16 Mbyte Direct Addressing Range Program Counter 6 Instruction Types Operations on Five Main Data Types Memory Mapped Input Output I O 14 Addressing Modes DataShee The following processors contain additional features MC68HC001 MC68EC000 MC68SEC000 Statically selectable 8 or 16 bit data bus MC68H

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Manufacturers : Motorola Semiconductors

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Addendum to M68000 User Manual

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