The LA76832N is I2C Bus Control IC made by Sanyo Electric.
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www Ordering number ENA0069 LA76832N Overview Monolithic Linear IC I2C Bus Control IC The LA76832N is I2C bus controller ICs that support the NTSC and aim for rationalization of color TV set design improved manufacturability and lower total costs Functions I2C Bus Control VIF SIF Y C Deflection Implemented in a Single Chip Specitications Maximum Ratings at Ta 25 C Parameter Maximum supply voltage Symbol V8 max V31 max V43 max Maximum supply current I18 max I25 max Allowable power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Pd max Topr Tstg Conditions Ratings 7 0 7 0 7 0 25 35 Unit V V V mA mA W C C Ta 65 C 1 6 10 to 65 55 to 150 DataShee Provided with a glass epoxy board 114 3 76 1 1 6mm Operating Conditions at Ta 25 C Parameter Recommended supply voltage Symbol V8 V31 V43 Recommended supply current I18 I25 Operating supply voltage range V8 op V31 op V43 op Operating supply current range I25 op I18 op Conditions Ratings 5 0 5 0 5 0 19 27 4 7 to 5 3 4 7 to 5 3 4 7 to 5 3 24 to 30 17 to 21 Unit V V V mA mA V V V mA mA O3005 MS PC B8 5799 No 0069 1 39 DataSheet 4 U com www LA76832N Electrical Characteristics at Ta 25 C VCCL

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The bus driver typically uses a low-impedance output stage to drive the data signals onto the bus, ensuring that they are strong enough to travel the length of the bus and reach all of the connected devices. The bus receiver uses a high-impedance input stage to receive the signals from the bus, ensuring that it does not load the bus or interfere with other devices connected to it.

Manufacturers : Sanyo Electric

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I2C Bus Control IC

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