The ISLT1102 is OptoCoupler made by ISOCOM.
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ISOCOM COMPONENTS ISLT1102 Long Creepage DESCRIPTION The ISLT1102 is an optically coupled isolator consisting of an infrared light emitting diode and an NPN silicon photo transistor It belongs to Isocom s Long Creepage range of opto couplers FEATURES Wide Body Package AC Isolation test voltage 5000VRMS Low coupling capacitance typically 0 3pF CTR selections available Wide temperature range Lead free Halogen Free UL Approval Pending ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Input Diode Forward Current Reverse Voltage Power dissipation 60mA 6V 100m W APPLICATIONS Power Supply Feedback Voltage Current Industrial system controllers Measuring instruments Signal transmission between systems of different potentials and impedance Output Transistor Collector to Emitter Voltage Emitter to Collector Voltage Collector Current 50mA Power Dissipation 150m 80V 7V W ORDER INFORMATION Available in Tubes 100pieces per tube or Tape and Reel 2000 pieces per reel MARKING INFORMATION Total Package Please note that the device will be marked with the generic part number ISLT1102 the date code will also be marked on the device Isolation test Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature 5000VRMS 55 to 110 C 55 to 150 C ISO

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The use of an optocoupler allows for electrical isolation between two circuits, which can be important for safety and for maintaining the integrity of signals. For example, an optocoupler can be used to isolate a high voltage circuit from a low voltage control circuit, preventing dangerous electrical voltages from reaching the control circuit. Optocouplers are commonly used in a variety of applications, including industrial control systems, medical equipment.

Manufacturers : ISOCOM

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