The IRHLF7930Z4 is (IRHLF79x0Z4) POWER MOSFET made by International Rectifier.
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www PD 94685B RADIATION HARDENED LOGIC LEVEL POWER MOSFET THRU HOLE TO 39 Product Summary Part Number Radiation Level RDS on ID IRHLF7970Z4 100K Rads Si 1 2 1 6A IRHLF7930Z4 300K Rads Si 1 2 1 6A IRHLF7970Z4 60V P CHANNEL TECHNOLOGY c International Rectifier s R7 TM Logic Level Power Mosfets provide simple solution to interfacing CMOS and TTL control circuits to power devices in space and other radiation environments The threshold voltage remains within accptable operating limits over the full operating temperature and post radiation This is achieved while maintaining single event gate rupture and single event burnout immunity These devices are used in applications such as current boost low signal source in PWM voltage comparator and operational amplifiers T0 39 Features n n n n n n n n n 5V CMOS and TTL Compatible Fast Switching Single Event Effect SEE Hardened Low Total Gate Charge Simple Drive Requirements Ease of Paralleling Hermetically Sealed Light Weight Complimentary N Channel Available IRHLF770Z4 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter ID VGS 4 5V TC 25 C ID VGS 4 5V TC 100 C IDM PD TC 25 C VGS EAS IAR EAR dv dt TJ T STG Continuous Drain Current Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain

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Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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