The IRFZ44EPBF is Power MOSFET ( Transistor ) made by International Rectifier.
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www PD 94822 IRFZ44EPbF Advanced Process Technology Dynamic dv dt Rating 175 C Operating Temperature Fast Switching Fully Avalanche Rated Lead Free HEXFET Power MOSFET D VDSS 60V RDS on 0 023 G S ID 48A Description Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on resistance per silicon area This benefit combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are well known for provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications The TO 220 package is universally preferred for all commercial industrial applications at power dissipation levels to approximately 50 watts The low thermal resistance and low package cost of the TO 220 contribute to its wide acceptance throughout the industry TO 220AB Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter ID TC 25 C ID TC 100 C IDM PD TC 25 C VGS EAS IAR EAR dv dt TJ TSTG Continuous Drain Current VGS 10V Continuous Drain Current VGS 10V Pulsed Drain Current Power Dissipation Linear Derating Factor Gate to Source Voltage Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Avalanche Current Repetitive Avalanche Energy Peak Diode R

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Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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Power MOSFET ( Transistor )

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