The IRFPG30PBF is Power MOSFET ( Transistor ) made by International Rectifier.
IRFPG30PBF pinout

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www PD 95718 IRFPG30PbF Lead Free www irf com 1 8 3 04 IRFPG30PbF 2 www irf com IRFPG30PbF www irf com 3 IRFPG30PbF 4 www irf com IRFPG30PbF www irf com 5 IRFPG30PbF 6 www irf com IRFPG30PbF Peak Diode Recovery dv dt Test Circuit Circuit Layout Considerations Low Stray Inductance Ground Plane Low Leakage Inductance Current Transformer dv dt controlled by RG ISD controlled by Duty Factor D D U T Device Under Test Reverse Polarity for P Channel Use P Channel Driver for P Channel Measurements Driver Gate Drive P W Period D P W Period VGS 10V D U T ISD Waveform Reverse Recovery Current Body Diode Forward Current di dt D U T VDS Waveform Diode Recovery dv dt VDD Re Applied Voltage Inductor Curent Body Diode Forward Drop Ripple 5 ISD VGS 5 0V for Logic Level and 3V Drive Devices Fig 14 For N Channel HEXFETS www irf com 7 IRFPG30PbF TO 247AC Package Outline Dimensions are shown in millimeters inches TO 247AC Part Marking Information EXAMPLE T HIS IS AN IRFPE30 WIT H ASSEMBLY LOT CODE 5657 ASSEMBLED ON WW 35 2000 IN T HE ASSEMBLY LINE H Note P in assembly line position indicates Lead Free PART NUMBER INT ERNATIONAL RECTIFIER LOGO ASS

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Manufacturers : International Rectifier

IR - IRFPG30PBF Datasheet PDF


Power MOSFET ( Transistor )

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