The IRF6668TRPBF is DirectFET Power MOSFET made by International Rectifier.
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www PD 97232A IRF6668PbF IRF6668TRPbF DirectFET Power MOSFET Typical values unless otherwise specified l l l l l l l l l l RoHs Compliant Lead Free Qualified up to 260 C Reflow Application Specific MOSFETs Ideal for High Performance Isolated Converter Primary Switch Socket Optimized for Synchronous Rectification Low Conduction Losses High Cdv dt Immunity Low Profile 0 7mm Dual Sided Cooling Compatible Compatible with existing Surface Mount Techniques VDSS Qg tot VGS Qgd 7 8nC RDS on Qoss 12nC 80V max 20V max 12m 10V Qgs2 1 6nC Qrr 40nC Vgs th 4 0V 22nC MZ Applicable DirectFET Outline and Substrate Outline see p 7 8 for details SQ SX ST MQ MX MT MZ DirectFET ISOMETRIC Description The IRF6668PbF combines the latest HEXFET Power MOSFET Silicon technology with the advanced DirectFETTM packaging to achieve the lowest on state resistance in a package that has the footprint of a SO 8 and only 0 7 mm profile The DirectFET package is compatible with existing layout geometries used in power applications PCB assembly equipment and vapor phase infra red or convection soldering techniques Application note AN 1035 is followed regarding the manufacturing methods and processes The DirectFET package a

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Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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DirectFET Power MOSFET

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