The IR1011 is Photovoltaic Infrared Sensor made by Asahi Kasei Microsystems.
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IR1011 IR1011 Photovoltaic Infrared Sensor GENERAL DESCRIPTION IR1011 is the world smallest mid infrared quantum photo diode made of InSb This surface mount type sensor can be operated at room temperature and applicable to human body detection non contacting temperature measurement and NDIR gas sensor FEATURES Very small thin package 2 65mm 1 9mm 0 4mm High sensitivities Very fast response No bias current required Pin Layout 1 N C 2 N C 4 D 3 Dn Pinning Function Pin 1 2 3 4 MS1472 E 00 Pin Name N C N C Dn Dp Function N C Please Open N C pin N C Please Open N C pin n Output p Output 1 2012 09 Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Symbol Voltage Vin Ambient Temperature 1 Top Storage Temperature Tst Note1 No bias voltage applied Min 20 40 40 Max 20 85 85 IR1011 Units V C C Electrical properties At room temperature Ta 25 C unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Condition 500K Blackbody diameter 22 2mm Output Current Ip 4 5 6 7 5 distance 10cm 2 Internal resistance Ro 112 150 188 Ic 0 005mA Note 2 Measurement conditions are subject to change without notice Note 3 10Hz lock in amplifier is used in this measurement Units nA 3 k MS1

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Manufacturers : Asahi Kasei Microsystems

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Photovoltaic Infrared Sensor

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