The IPB34CN10NG is Power-Transistor made by Infineon.
IPB34CN10NG pinout

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IPB34CN10N G IPD33CN10N G IPI35CN10N G IPP35CN10N G OptiMOS 2 Power Transistor Features N channel normal level Excellent gate charge x R DS on product FOM Very low on resistance R DS on Product Summary VDS RDS on max TO252 ID 100 V 33 mW 27 A 175 C operating temperature Pb free lead plating RoHS compliant Qualified according to JEDEC1 for target application Ideal for high frequency switching and synchronous rectification Halogen free according to IEC61249 2 21 Type IPB34CN10N G IPD33CN10N G IPI35CN10N G IPP35CN10N G Package Marking PG TO263 3 34CN10N PG TO252 3 33CN10N PG TO262 3 35CN10N Maximum ratings at T j 25 C unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Conditions PG TO220 3 35CN10N Value Unit Continuous drain current I D T C 25 C T C 100 C Pulsed drain current2 I D pulse T C 25 C Avalanche energy single pulse E AS I D 27 A R GS 25 W Gate source voltage3 V GS Power dissipation P tot T C 25 C Operating and storage temperature T j T stg IEC climatic category DIN IEC 68 1 1 J STD20 and JESD22 2 see figure 3 3 Tjmax 150 C and duty cycle D 0 01 for Vgs 5V 27 20 108 47 20 58 55 175 55 175 56 A mJ V W C Rev 1 091 page 1 2013 07 25 IPB34CN10N G

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Manufacturers: Infineon




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