The GBS303 is Crystal Oscillator made by ECM Electronics Limited.
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ECM Crystal Oscillator GBS303 Series 250kHz 125 0MHz Half Size Output Enable 3 3V Supply Available Competitive Prices for Volume Users Fast Make Options Available Parameter Frequency Range Frequency Stability Supply Voltage Supply Current Load Duty Cycle Rise Fall Times 1 Level 0 Level Ageing Operating Temp Storage Temp GBS303 250kHz to 125 0MHz 25ppm A 50 ppm B 100 ppm C 5V 10 3 3V 10 L 20 to 80mA max Frequency Dependant 15pF 45 55 10nS max Frequency Dependant VDD 0 5V min VSS 0 5V max 5ppm year 00C to 700C 450C to 850C H 550C to 1250C Specify Specify Environmental Mechanical 50m s2 11mS Duration Mechanical Shock 55 1250C duration 10 Thermal mins Shock 3 cycles 10 55Hz 0 762mm Vibration Duration 2 Hours All units 100 tested in Hermetic de ionised H2O Seal Standard Specify Part Numbering GBS303 H Type Operating Temp Blank Standard H 45 850C Supply Voltage Blank 5 0V L 3 3V Frequency www K kHz M MHz Stability L 16 384M B Pin Function A 12 70 B 7 62 1 O E C 5 08 4 GND D 6 30 5 O P E 0 45 8 VDD Dimensions in mm ECM Electronics Limited Penmaen House Ashington West Sussex RH20 3JR UK Tel 44 0 1903 892810 Fax 44 0 1903 892738 Email ecm ecme

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Oscillators are used in a wide variety of electronic devices, such as radios, computers, and cell phones, as well as in many other applications, including music synthesizers, electronic test equipment, and timing circuits. They can be built using a variety of electronic components, such as transistors, vacuum tubes, and quartz crystals, and can be implemented using analog or digital techniques.

Manufacturers: ECM Electronics Limited

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Crystal Oscillator

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