The G5603R41U is High-Speed Step-Down Controller made by Global Mixed-mode Technology.
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Global Mixed mode Technology Inc G5603 High Speed Step Down Controller Features Ultra High Efficiency No Current Sense Resistor Lossless ILIMIT Quasi PWM with 100ns Load Step Response 1 VOUT Accuracy Over Line and Load 0 75V to 3 6V Adjustable Output Range 4 5V to 24V Battery Input Range Integrated Boost Diode OVP UVP 1 7ms Soft Start Drives Large Synchronous Rectifier FETs Power Good Indicator Applications Notebook Computers CPU Core Supply I O Supply Chipset RAM Supply as Low as 0 75V Networking Power Supply General Description G5603 uses constant on time control scheme to handle wide input output voltage ratios with ease and provides 100ns instant on response to load transients while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency The G5603 achieves high efficiency at a reduced cost by eliminating the current sense resistor found in traditional current mode PWMs Efficiency is further enhanced by an ability to drive very large synchronous rectifier MOSFETs Single stage buck conversion allows these devices to directly step down high voltage batteries for the highest possible efficiency Alternatively two stage conversion stepping down the 5V system supply instead of the battery at a

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Manufacturers : Global Mixed-mode Technology

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High-Speed Step-Down Controller

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