The FRJ-55 is Metal Film Resistors made by Vishay Siliconix.
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www FRJ 50 FRJ 55 Vishay Dale Metal Film Resistors Industrial Zero Ohm Jumper Resistor FEATURES Provides low resistance circuit interconnections Color band marking for ease of identification after mounting Flame retardant coating Compatible with automatic insertion equipment Tape and reel packaging STANDARD ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL FRJ 50 FRJ 55 MAXIMUM RESISTANCE VALUE m 10 10 MAXIMUM CURRENT A 25 C 150 C 25 25 0 0 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER Insulation Resistance Dry Insulation Resistance Wet Category Temperature Range Dielectric Strength Atmospheric Reduced Failure Rate Weight UNIT M M C VRMS VRMS 10 9 h g FRJ 50 10 000 FRJ 55 10 000 100 55 155 500 325 10 0 2 DataShee 100 55 155 500 325 10 0 1 MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS Insulation Flammability Self extinguishing 10 seconds after flame is removed Lead Material Tin plated copper maximum 98 tin ORDERING INFORMATION FRJ MODEL Zero Ohm Jumper 55 SIZE 50 55 www vishay com 30 For Technical Questions contact ff2aresistors vishay com Document Number 31016 Revision 01 Aug 02 DataSheet 4 U com www FRJ 50 FRJ 55 Metal Film Resistors Industri

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Film capacitors are known for their stability, low dissipation factor, and high insulation resistance, making them well-suited for a wide range of applications, including coupling and decoupling. Compared to other types of capacitors, such as electrolytic or tantalum capacitors, film capacitors have several advantages, including higher operating temperatures, a lower risk of failure, and a longer lifespan.

Manufacturers : Vishay Siliconix

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Metal Film Resistors

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