The DTC34LR86L is +3.3V LVDS 24Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Receiver made by DOESTEK.
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DTC34LF8 6L DTC34LR86L LVDS Product DTC34LF86L DTC34LR86L Rev 2 2 3 3V LVDS 24Bit Flat Panel Display FPD Receiver 85MHz General Description The D TC34LF86L LR86L rec eivers co nvert the L VDS Low Voltage Differential Signaling data streams back into 28 bit s of CMOS TTL dat a with falling edge DTC34LF86L or risin g edge DTC34LR86L clock for convenient int erface with a variet y of L CD p anel controllers A phase locked transmit clock is transmitte d in p arallel with the data streams ove r a fif th L VDS link A a transmitter DTC34LM85L w ill inter o perate w ith without any translation logic Using a 8 5 MHz clock the dat a throu ghputs is 297 5 Mbytes sec This chip set is an ide al mean s to solve EMI and ca ble size problems associat ed with wide high speed TTL interfaces REVISED APR 2009 Features Wide frequency range 20 to 85 MHz shift clock support Narrow bus 10 lines reduces cable size Sing le 3 3V supply Po wer Down Mode Single pixel per clock XGA 1024x768 ready Supports VGA SVGA XGA and SXGA Up to 297 5 Megabytes sec bandwidth Up to 2 38 Gbps throughput 300mV swing LVDS devices for low EMI PLL requires no external components Low profile 56 lead TSSOP package PB Free

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Manufacturers : DOESTEK

DOESTEK - DTC34LR86L Datasheet PDF


+3.3V LVDS 24Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Receiver

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