The DK51 is NPN Silicon High Power Switching Transistor made by Qunli Electric.
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Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co Ltd Add No 1 Qunli Road Baoji City Shaanxi China DK51 NPN Silicon High Power Switching Transistor Features 1 Good switching character Excellent capacity in anti burnout 2 Good temperature stability Small saturation voltage drop 3 Implementation of standards GJB33A 97 QZJ840611A QZJ840611 4 Use for high power switch circuit switching voltage stabilized sourcefy circuit 5 Quality Class JP JT JCT GS G G TECHNICAL DATA Parameter name Specifications Symbols Unit A B C D E FG Total Dissipation Ptot W 50 Max Collector Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature ICM A Tjm C Tstg C 10 175 55 175 Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage V BR CEO V 30 50 80 110 150 200 250 E Base Breakdown Voltage V BR EBO V 5 Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage Drop VCE sat V 0 5 Collector Emitter Leakage Current ICEO mA 3 0 DC Current Gain Delay Time Rise Time Storage Time Fall Time hFE td us tr us ts us tf us 10 0 1 1 5 1 5 0 8 Ta 25 C Test Condition Tc 75 C IC 3mA IE 3mA IC 2 5A IB 0 25A VCE A 20V B 30V C 50V D G 100V VCE 5V IC 2 5A VCE 25V IC 2 5A IB1 0 25A IB2 0 25A Outline and Dimensions Contact Jiandong Lei Tel 86 917 6293906 Fax 86 917 6297928 sxqlljd hotmail com 106

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Characteristics of NPN Transistors

1. Bipolar Junction: NPN transistors are bipolar junction transistors (BJT), meaning they have a structure consisting of three regions of alternating P-type and N-type semiconductors.

2. Current Amplification: NPN transistors are designed to amplify electrical current, and can be used in a wide range of electronic applications such as amplifiers, switches, and oscillators.

3. Forward Biased: In order to operate, the base-emitter junction of an NPN transistor must be forward biased, meaning that the base must be connected to a positive voltage relative to the emitter.

4. High Input Impedance: NPN transistors have a high input impedance, which means that they are less likely to draw current from the input source, and are therefore less likely to cause a drop in voltage across the source.

5. Inverted Output: NPN transistors are known for producing an inverted output relative to their input.

Manufacturers : Qunli Electric

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NPN Silicon High Power Switching Transistor

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