The D6F-W01A1 is MEMS Air Velocity Sensor made by Omron.
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MEMS Air Velocity Sensor D6F W MEMS precision technology for repeatable airflow velocity detection Precision uni directional air velocity detection with 5 full scale repeatable accuracy Integral passive Dust Segregation System DSS prevents contamination of sensor element Compact size 39 L x 20 W x 9 H mm Output signal amplified temperature compensated User friendly no adjustment necessary RoHS Compliant Ordering Information Description Velocity Sensor Cable Connector Assembly Case PPS Applicable Gas Air See note 1 Flow Range 0 1 m sec 0 4 m sec 0 10 m sec Model D6F W01A1 D6F W04A1 D6F W10A1 D6F W CABLE Note 1 Dry gas must not contain large particles eg dust oil mist 2 Cable Assembly is sold separately Specifications Characteristics Models Flow Range See note 1 Applicable Gas See note 2 Electrical Connection Power Supply Current Consumption Operating Output Voltage VDC Output Voltage Max Output Voltage Min Accuracy Repeatability See note 3 Case Material Degree of Protection Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Storage Temperature Storage Humidity Temperature Characteristics Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Weight D6F W01A1 D6F W04A1 D6F W10A1 0 t

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Manufacturers : Omron

OMRON - D6F-W01A1 Datasheet PDF


MEMS Air Velocity Sensor

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