The BA4584FV is Low Noise Operational Amplifiers made by ROHM Semiconductor.
BA4584FV pinout

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Operational Amplifiers Comparators Low Noise Operational Amplifiers BA4558F BA4558R F FV FVM BA4560F BA4560R F FV FVM BA4564RFV BA4580R F FVM BA4584FV BA4584R F FV BA8522R F FV FVM BA15218F BA14741F BA15532F BA4510F FV BA2115F FVM No 11049EBT16 Description General purpose BA4558 BA456 0 BA1 5218 BA14741 BA15532 BA4510 famil y a nd hig h reliability BA4 558R BA4560R B A4564R BA4 580R BA45 84 BA458 4R BA852 2R B A2115 famil y integrate t wo o r four in dependent Op Amps on a single chip Es pecially this series is suit able for an y audio applications due to lo w noise and l ow distortion characteristics and are usable for other many applications by wide operating supply voltage range BA4558R BA 4560R BA4 564R BA4 580R BA458 4R BA852 2R B A2115 are high reliability pr oducts with extended operating temperature range and high ESD tolerance General purpose Dual Dual Dual Quad Dual Dual BA4558F BA4560F BA15218F BA14741F BA15532F BA4510F FV High reliability Dual Dual Quad Dual Quad Quad Dual BA4558R F FV FVM BA4560R F FVM BA4564RFV BA4580R F FV FVM BA4584FV BA4584R F FV BA8522R F FV FVM BA2115F FVM Features 1 High voltage gain low noise low distortion 2 Wide operating supply voltage 4 0 V 15 0 V

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Op-amps can be used in a variety of configurations, such as inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, integrators, differentiators, and voltage followers. Each configuration is designed to perform a specific function and has a specific gain and frequency response.

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

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Low Noise Operational Amplifiers

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