The AD62557 is USB Audio Controller made by ESMT.
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ESMT AD62557 USB Audio Controller with Class D Power Amplifier with Microphone Line in Interface Features z Compliant with USB Specification v1 1 and USB 2 0 full speed z Compliant with USB 3 0 super speed operation z Embedded stereo ADC with Microphone Boost z Embedded Power On Reset circuit z Embedded high efficiency high performance Class D stereo amplifier z Support I2S input master and slave mode and I2S output interface master mode z Support sampling frequency 44 1 48KHz for playback and recording z Pin to set recording source from internal ADC or external ADC z Pin to set speaker mode or I2S output mode z Support Microphone and line in function switching z Support volume mute control with external button z LED indicator function for playback mute and recording mute z Support 3D surround sound z Support Microphone bias z Support Digital microphone interface for recording z Power Clipping function for speaker protection z External EEPROM interface for vendor specific and hardware configuration via I2C z I2S input port allows AD62557 to receive ESMT s high performance ADC i e AD12250 z I2S output port allows AD62557 to control ESMT s high performance audio devices i e AD82586 AD82581 z PWM output port to drive PWM Class D audio device

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Audio power amplifiers are used in a wide range of audio applications, including home stereo systems, professional sound reinforcement systems, musical instruments, and automotive sound systems. They play a crucial role in delivering high-quality, clean, and powerful sound to the listeners.

Manufacturers : ESMT

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USB Audio Controller

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