The AAT2404 is Voltage-Variable Current Sourcing Boost Controller made by Skyworks Solutions.
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DATA SHEET AAT2404 Voltage Variable Current Sourcing Boost Controller For LED Lighting Applications General Description The AAT2404 is a highly integrated high efficiency variable voltage current sourcing boost controller for white LED backlight applications intended for use in large size LCD panels and LCD TVs To accommodate various LED backlighting configurations in both direct and edge lighting applications the device uses a high voltage external power MOSFET The AAT2404 contains an integrated current sense architecture eliminating the need for an expensive low resistance high accuracy sense resistor The device operates ideally from a regulated 12V or 24V DC power supply but can also operate over a 10 8V to 28V range The AAT2404 provides an output voltage up to 100V regulated by the CSFB pin provided by the ICs in Skyworks family of white LED drivers for TV applications The CSFB pin is an analog voltage representing the LED string with the highest voltage requirement Regulating to this voltage allows for a wide range of LED characteristics while maintaining the lowest possible power dissipation The CSFB regulation point can be set by adjusting a resistor to ground from the RSET pin The boost switching frequency is nominally 400kHz to allow for

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Manufacturers : Skyworks Solutions

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Voltage-Variable Current Sourcing Boost Controller

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